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Why We ♡ ASTR The Label

Written by Xochil G


Posted on March 25 2020

ASTR The Label Reede Jacket  | Wild Dove Boutique | Chic Modern FeminineASTR The Label Kindred Dress | Wild Dove Boutique | San Diego,CA

ASTR The Label is a Wild Dove favorite because of the easy feminine dresses and chic style! It is a modern feminine clothing brand that exemplifies sophistication. It has completely captivated us with their neutral color palettes, dreamy prints and office to outing versatility. Always keeping us on trend continuously with their European inspired garments.

Talk about trendy casual work outfits!  This LA based company was made for the working girl that still knows how to have fun when her business day is finished. Maybe she's just getting into her career and starting to build her work outfits? Or maybe she's a seasoned veteran just trying to spice up her wardrobe and feel confident! Either way ASTR The Label has got you covered no matter what your day's looks like.

ASTR The Label Madeline Sweater | Wild Dove Boutique | Chic Modern FeminineThis blogger favorite brand isn't a favorite for no good reason! The bodysuits are made to be paired easily with a work trouser or high-waisted denim for a classy, yet trendy look. The romantic midi dresses can double as your date night or wedding invite! A nd one of the best parts about their midi dresses is their ability to be thrown on with a jean jacket and chunky sneaker! Tone it down for your casual outfit look! Now lets not forget about the amazing selection of lightweight easy sweaters for every season! Again pair her with a work pant or even a denim skirt in the spring time! I don't think we can say enough about ASTR and how much we really love this brand. Versatile, versatile, versatile!
Lets talk about their dreamy prints for a moment. We love how neutral and chic ASTR can be but we also love how they can be bold and eye-catching! They make pairing with patterns easy! When you want to have a closet filled with work to play options, just look to ASTR, she will lead the way.  Shop the entire collection here.
ASTR The Label Melba Sweater | Wild Dove Boutique | Chic Modern Feminine




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